Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich

THE GAME: Cal vs. Hawaii

Anyone who loves college football is looking forward to next weekend, right? I don't remember ever having a better first weekend of games.

But last night we got a special, early treat - Cal and Hawaii, playing Down Under. (Have any of you been to Sydney? Jesus, it looks like paradise.)

Tonight I made something with a Hawaiian theme.


  • I marinated a chicken breast in Shoyu sauce for a day, roasted it in the oven and pulled it apart.
  • Then I tossed it with Sweet Baby Ray's Hawaiian sauce
  • I found a recipe online for "Hawaiian Pickled Veggies." I have no idea what the hell it has to do with Hawaii - other than using Hawaiian salt - but it was mostly green bell peppers and onions, and I love those things, so I made it. It tasted good but didn't really add anything to the sandwich. 
  • With Sweet Maui Onion chips on the side. 

  • I thought it would feel great to have college football back in my life. It did. 
  • I've watched hundreds of college football games being played at night while it was still daytime in California. (Pretty much every weekend in autumn I watch at least part of a night game being played on the east coast while it's still afternoon here.) I don't ever remember watching a game being played in broad daylight while the sky is dark in California. Disconcerting. 
  • If Hawaii just pulled a bunch of guys out of the stands to play defense, it would be an improvement, right? I mean, the odds are at least a couple of them would be rugby or Aussie rules players. They'd probably be better tacklers. 
  • Cal's defense wasn't much better. This game had a strange feel to it, for many reasons. 

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