Monday, September 5, 2016

BBQ Chicken Potato Skins

THE GAME: Notre Dame vs. Texas

If you were assigned the task of trying to explain the beauty of college football to an individual who had never before seen a game, you could do a lot worse than showing them a replay of last night's Notre Dame-Texas game.

Usually, the first weekend of college football feels a little weird to me. Usually, I watch the games thinking Why has football already started? It's still summer.

Not this season. This season I've jumped right into. My only thought while watching more than 15 hours of football this past weekend was: Finally, college football is back.


  • I baked a couple of potatoes and scooped out most of the filling. Let me repeat that: most of. Not all. It's always disappointing to receive potato skins in which there is no potato, only the skin. 
  • I had ordered a bottle of Dinosaur Bar-B-Q's "Creole Honey Mustard" from Amazon. It's one of the best honey mustards anywhere. But they sent me a bottle of "Roasted Garlic Honey" barbecue sauce instead. Fortunately, I like that sauce as well, so I decided to keep it. 
  • I roasted two marinated chicken breasts, then chopped them and tossed them with the barbecue sauce. 
  • I layered the chicken in the potato skins, topped with cheese, and added diced red onion and cilantro. 
  • I know some people - including me - like sour cream on potato skins. But when you've made some as flavorful as these, there is absolutely no need for sour cream.  

  • I love the Texas home uniforms.
  • Remember when college football games could actually end in a tie? (If you're under the age of 25 or so, you probably don't.) Who thought that was a good idea? 
  • Is there anyone who wouldn't rather see the NFL adopt this overtime system? You know, besides the Players Association?
  • I wanted UCLA to hire Charlie Strong 5 years ago. Texas hasn't been very good the last couple of years, but there is no question his players love playing for him. 

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