Friday, September 9, 2016

Extra-Thin Crust Pizza

THE GAME: Panthers vs. Broncos

Normally, I do not watch the Thursday evening NFL games. And the first game of the season barely moves the needle for me most years... but when it's a rematch of Super Bowl teams (the first time that's happened since 1970), I was interested. 

  • When I don't have any pizza dough - which is most of the time - I just use an extra-large flour tortilla (which I always have on hand). 
  • I made a clone recipe of CPK's teriyaki chicken pizza sauce, topped it with roasted chicken, two kinds of cheese, and cilantro. 
  • I also threw on the last of my jar of Trader Joe's "Sweet & Spicy JalapeƱos." Those things are fantastic and I'm going to TJ's this morning to buy a half-dozen more jars before they inevitably get discontinued. 
  • The Broncos quarterback made some awful throws, but did just enough to allow them to win a close game at home. Are we sure that wasn't still Peyton Manning? 
  • Every season I think Bob Costas can't possibly become any more smug, can he? And then a new season arrives and I realize Yep, he sure can
  • I think it's a pretty safe bet that we won't be seeing a Super Bowl rematch in February

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