Thursday, October 27, 2016

Corn & Arugula Pizza

THE GAME: Cubs vs Indians (Game 2)

I'm trying to think if there was ever a World Series about which I was not excited. I guess the closest would be 2008 - Phillies vs. Rays. (But then again, I don't remember if I actually didn't give a damn about watching it, or if I was just so depressed after watching the Angels win 100 games and be the best team in baseball for six months, only to see them choke once again against the Red Sox.)

This year's World Series is about as excited as I have ever been for a Series (besides 2002). Cleveland has been my pick to win the World Series since around the middle of July. Chicago has been the best team in baseball for pretty much the entire season. 

I went out for Game 1 on Tuesday night and watched it with a couple of friends. For Game 2, I stayed in and fired up a pizza. 

  • I like Williams-Sonoma's sauces; I just find them overpriced. But every once in a while they have a good sale and I stock up, including this truffle sauce, which I love. 
  • I caramelized a sliced sweet onion in balsamic vinegar
  • Grilled a couple of ears of corn
  • And added arugula
  • This was one of the five best non-tomato-sauce pizzas I have ever made

  • Damn it looked cold. I've only been to Cleveland once. It was the first week of March and I looked out my hotel room window at beautiful blue skies and shining sun. Men were walking around in two-piece suits. So I went outside in a light sweater. It was in the high 20s. WTF? I went back inside and put on a parka. 
  • How many more years is home-field advantage going to be determined by the winner of the All Star Game? The Cubs won nine more games than the Indians this season. Does anyone (besides Cleveland fans) think Cleveland deserves home-field advantage because two Royals hit homers in an exhibition game in July? (I'm guessing if the Yankees or Red Sox won 103 games and didn't get home-field advantage, the media would be making a much bigger deal of this.) 
  • That was the best I have seen Arrieta look in quite a while. 
  • Can we make this series a best of 9? Would anyone object? 
  • After the game, I turned to the Lakers season-opener. It's nice to actually want to watch the Lakers again now that Kobe is retired. 

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