Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mini Wontons and Sunshine Wheat

THE GAME: Dodgers vs. Cubs (Game 3)

There is almost nothing I love more on a cool autumn night than a steaming bowl of spicy Asian dumplings. 

Of course, that wasn't last night. Today and tomorrow are going to be more than 90ยบ. But, whatever. 


  • Normally I go to an Asian market for dumplings, but I didn't want to miss any of the Indians-Blue Jays, so I just went to the nearby Whole Foods and got these Annie Chun mini wontons. They're not my favorite, but they'll do. 
  • The sauce was comprised of chili oil, black vinegar, chili paste with garlic, ponzu, sugar, green onion, and pickled red ginger.
  • Speaking of which, kizami shoga (the aforementioned picked red ginger) is one of the most underrated ingredients to keep in the fridge.  
  • Like pizza, lobster, and Belgian fries, I could eat Asian dumplings in a spicy sauce every single day. 

  • Clutch hitting, great baserunning, and a decent-but-not-great pitcher shutting down the opposition: the Dodgers beat the Cubs at their own game. 
  • WTF happened to the Cubs offense? 18 innings without a run?
  • I actually saw Rich Hill pitch a decade ago in a PCL game in Sacramento. And he pitched for the Angels briefly two years ago. I do not remember either of those events. (The only reason I know I saw him in the minors is that I save the lineups from games I've been to, just to see who eventually makes it to the majors.) 
  • Game 2 was important the Dodgers. Game 4 is pretty much a must-win for the Cubs. Despite their stance that they're not panicked, you know the last thing they want to have to deal with is Kershaw taking the mound tomorrow with a chance to pitch the Dodgers into the World Series. 

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  1. Well, hopefully the Dodgers pull out an improbable win in game 5 w/ Maeda going against Lester. That would force a series-clinching game for the Cubbies against Kershaw. But I'm not holding my breath... This series is probably going the distance.