Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pastrami Pizza

THE GAME: Dodgers vs. Cubs

A half a decade ago, one of my best friends and I assembled a pastrami pizza and cooked it in his brother's outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven. It was simply spectacular, one of the 10 best pizzas I have eaten. And I have eaten a lot of pizza.

A couple of years ago, I was hungry and hung over and I ordered a pastrami pizza from a local pizza joint. It was merely okay, full of fatty pastrami and drizzled with yellow mustard.

This would be round three, and I was gonna do it my way.


  • Trader Joe's pastrami is both delicious and inexpensive. It's not Langer's, but then again it's much easier to acquire. 
  • I've become a big fan of Sweet Baby Ray's sauces in the last year or so. Their mustard barbecue sauce seemed like a good choice for the base. 
  • A layer of pickles was necessary. I used a lot but to be honest, I wish I'd used even more. 
  • The dough was Trader Joe's as well, and I rolled it very thin. It could have been a little thicker. 

  • I have thought all year that the Cubs were going to find some way to fail to make the World Series. I'm starting to think I may be wrong. 
  • THAT'S the Joe Blanton I remember watching with the Angels. I thought he was done frustrating me. Nope. 
  • At the end of the day, all the Cubs did was win Game 1 at home with Lester pitching. If Kershaw can get the Dodgers a win in Game 2, this thing is coming back to L.A. with the Dodgers possessing home field advantage. 
  • Of course, if the Cubs win Game 2, it's going to be extraordinarily difficult for the Dodgers to win the series. I've got a few friends who are going to be very nervous this afternoon, I'm sure. 

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