Saturday, October 22, 2016

Triple Pepper Burger

THE GAME: Dodgers vs. Cubs (Game 6)

Kershaw taking the mound against Hendricks in a must-win Game 6. I certainly wanted something delicious, but I also didn't want to make something that would take my attention away from the TV for too long.

  • I grilled a Prime meat patty in the cast iron pan and melted some Tillamook pepper jack on top
  • I roasted and chopped a red pepper and added those strips
  • Next were some packaged jalapeno chips
  • And finally a malt vinegar aioli 
  • It was obvious from the first batter that Kershaw didn't have his A game. Throw in Toles's error and that first inning was awful, considering how much momentum it gave the Cubs and their fans. 
  • Then again, even if Kershaw had his A game tonight, the Dodgers probably still lose, as they couldn't muster a single run. 
  • I expected Chicago to falter in the postseason and I was wrong. (I had them losing to Washington, although that was before Strasburg and Ramos were lost for the season.) I've also been picking Cleveland to win the title since right around the 4th of July. So my prediction for the World Series is... that I have no idea what is going to happen.  
  • I have not looked forward to a World Series this much since 2002. 

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