Monday, November 14, 2016

Nonuple Onion Burger

THE GAME: Seahawks vs Patriots

As happens sometimes, there were actually three games I was watching at once: the above; Lakers vs Timberwolves; and UCLA vs CSUN. But, since the Sunday Night Football game was a rematch of the Super Bowl two seasons ago, that gets the credit here.

As far as food, I have written before that I tend to get carried away when I have an idea, although this might be taking things to the extreme. For the first time in my life, I am relatively certain to say, I have written the word "nonuple." I doubt I have ever even said it. (I actually Googled it just to make sure it is the correct word.)


The burger consisted of: 

1. A Prime meat patty sprayed with Walla Walla sweet onion vinaigrette
2. And dusted with onion salt
3. Steakhouse Onion cheddar
4. Vidalia Onion BBQ sauce
5. Crispy garlic-pepper onions
6. Caramelized onions
7. Vidalia Onion relish
8. On an onion roll
9. Topped with onion rings

  • According to NBC, yesterday was the first time in NFL history that two different games on the same day both had 7 or more lead changes (Dallas-Pittsburgh and New England-Seattle). I watched both of those games, and they were the two best I have seen all year. 
  • Am I the only one who thinks maybe New England wasn't going all-out in case these teams meet up again in the Super Bowl? (And they still almost tied it up with a few seconds to go.) 
  • That final Patriots offensive play was the most Patriots-like play possible: have Gronkowski run straight into the defender, initiate contact, and hope the ref bails them out. Thankfully, the refs didn't fall for it. 
  • The Cowboys now have the best record in football. I would not have predicted that we'd be saying that in November. 
  • Anyone else excited about Bengals-Giants tonight? Yeah, me neither. 

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