Saturday, November 19, 2016


THE GAME: Ohio State vs. Michigan State

Weeks ago I looked at Ohio State's schedule and saw today as a classic trap game: a week before the Michigan game, on the road in East Lansing, against a disappointing Michigan State team.

  • I like thin crust pizza, and it doesn't get thinner than a tortilla. But I didn't have dinner last night so I needed something a little more substantial. So I used a quesadilla as the base. 
  • I baked it in the oven on a pizza pan for about seven minutes, then flipped it over and added the sauce and cheese. 
  • Also, Trader Joe's pepperoni, which is probably my favorite grocery-store pepperoni. 
  • This was my first time making one of these, but it will not be my last - it was great.  

  • Well, my theory was correct, but MSU couldn't quite pull it off. 
  • The Spartans lost by one point because they went for two after a touchdown in the 4th quarter and missed the conversion. 
  • That was a ballsy play, but I didn't like it. Playing at home, I think you should try to extend the game, even if that means OT. 
  • Next Saturday is going to be one hell of day of games. 

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  1. I eat those a lot. Fast, tasty, and not too heavy.