Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pulled Pork Sushi Roll

THE GAME: Lakers vs Mavericks

This was the 6th (out of 8) Lakers games I have watched this year. Last year, if memory serves me - I mean, I'm looking at their schedule from last year but trying to remember which games I actually watched - I don't believe I watched my 6th game until they played the Clippers on Christmas Day. 

It's one thing to have had (statistically) the worst rotation player in the league on the team. Every year, someone has to have that player on their team.  Eventually it would be the Lakers' turn. 

It's quite another thing to have him be the highest-paid player in the league, to hear him blame everyone else for his failures, and to watch Lakers "fans" proclaim his greatness while TV pundits heralded him as one of the ten greatest players to play the game. All while watching him lead (sic) the Lakers to their worst season in Los Angeles... for the third year in a row. 

This the last I will ever write of Kobe on this blog. And I am only mentioning it as a way to explain why I suddenly love watching this team again, even though they probably won't make the playoffs.

As I said to several friends before the season started, the biggest addition to this team would be one of subtraction. For the first time in more than a dozen years, this is a true team, and their success will be based on what they can accomplish, not what they will have to overcome.

  • Years ago, I viewed a menu at one of Guy Fieri's restaurants and noticed something called a "Jackass Roll." It was a sushi roll stuffed with pulled pork and covered with spicy mayo. Basically confusing "weird" with "cool," but then again that's pretty much his career.
  • I used Trader Joe's pulled pork, which I find to be the best of any supermarket already-cooked-and-sauced pulled pork. Yes, that is an extremely low bar to clear, but still. 
  • I placed the pork and some spicy chopped veggies from Dave's Gourmet Korean Food into a nori sheet covered with sushi rice, and rolled it up. 
  • I adorned it with crispy garlic-onion pieces and wasabi sauce. 
  • It was damn good.


  • Of course, the downside of being a young - or at least inexperienced playing together - team is that they are going to lose some games at home to some lousy teams, like they did to the crappy Mavericks.
  • Remember the other day when I mentioned that Golden State sacrificed a lot of depth to sign Durant? One of the main players to whom I was referring is Harrison Barnes. His 31 points tonight speak for themself. 
  • JJ Barea is still annoying. 
  • Randle just keeps looking better and better. I love the way he goes after rebounds. 

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