Sunday, December 4, 2016

Chorizo Biscuits

THE GAME: Rams vs Patriots

Lots of people asked me, a native of Los Angeles County, if I was excited that the Rams were returning. My answer was always "Hell no."

I could go into all of my reasons, or I could just point out that I woke up this morning to news that Jeff Fisher had received a two-year contract extension. He has a losing record as coach of the Rams, he hasn't won a postseason game since 2003, and the Rams are 4-7 this season.

How the fuck am I supposed to get excited about an organization that looks at all those numbers and decides they warrant an extension?

Whatever. At least I can eat well while watching their games.

  • My local butcher makes some of the best chorizo I have ever had. (I had considered the possibility that it is "white boy chorizo," so I shared some with three hispanic friends, and all three agreed that it is great.) 
  • There's nothing too fancy going on here; I formed the chorizo into patties and grilled it in my cast iron pan.
  • With Trader Joe's biscuits and pepper gravy. 
  • The Rams had one first down and 25 yards in the first half. Without the great Jeff Fisher, I'm sure that would have only been 20 yards. 
  • No rookie QB has ever won a game at New England while Belichick has been coach. I was guessing Goff wasn't gonna be the one to break that streak.
  • I actually cheered for the Patriots to beat the Rams in the Super Bowl 15 years ago, which was literally the last time I ever cheered for them. 
  • For years, Alden Gonzalez was MLB Network's beat reporter for the Angels. Now he is ESPN's reporter for the Rams. I really like him. That doesn't have anything to do with the game, but I felt like saying something positive after watching this crapfest. 

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