Saturday, February 11, 2017

Uniekaas Sliders with A.1. Aioli

THE GAME: Warriors vs Thunder

So now we're in that stretch where there is no football and baseball doesn't start for 49 more days. Basketball is all there is for the next seven weeks.

Well, I guess I could start watching hockey.

A gray and drizzling day turned into a brief but beautiful afternoon, and then a somewhat chilly - by Southern California standards - evening. It felt like a nice opportunity to sit down in front of the fire and watch Kevin Durant's return to OKC.


  • Years ago, I had a burger at a local bistro with an A.1. aioli. As I love A.1. steak sauce, I was a little embarrassed that that idea had never occurred to me before. I made a simplified version here: white wine vinegar, mayo, and A.1.
  • Uniekaas makes some of my favorite cheeses in the entire world. Their "Reserve" is a very sharp Gouda that melts beautifully on a burger. 
  • I added some crispy onion bits for crunch and Bubbies pickles for tang, but not a lot of either. Most of the flavor came from the sauce and the cheese. 


  • I overheard someone on the radio the other day - I think it was Colin Cowherd - betting that Golden State won't lose more than one game in any playoff series in the West. I started to think about that... I'm not sure I would bet against him. The number of weapons on this Warriors team is staggering. And we're not even at the All-Star break yet - what if they keep getting better this season?
  • Eventually, KD will be applauded in OKC, but to no one's surprise, today is not that day. The only boos to which I can compare these are the Cleveland fans when LeBron made his first return in the 2011 season. 
  • JaVale McGee has been on five teams in the last five seasons. He's not exactly a franchise player. But stick him with all the talent on this Golden State team and he's looking like an All-Star.
  • Commerical note: I've been seeing commercials for the movie Get Out for more than a month now; I am shocked to realize that it's not coming out for two more weeks. 
  • Durant went to the line for a pair of free throws; he missed the first but it was negated because Steven Adams committed a lane violation. Again... there was a lane violation on the FIRST free throw. I've been watching the NBA since I was five years old, and I don't ever remember seeing that before. 
  • Wow: Dick Vitale and Bill Walton are going to be calling an NBA game together next week. This morning I watched a documentary on PBS about the Branch Davidians; apparently the FBI blasted a recording of rabbits being slaughtered to try to drive the cult from their compound. I think I would rather listen to two hours of those recordings than Vitale and Walton calling a game simultaneously. 
  • Durant scores with four seconds left in the first half to bump the Warriors lead to 23 points. 
  • Westbrook has 21 points at the half but also 7 turnovers, neither of which are surprising. 
  • According to Sage Steele, this is the 10th time this season that Golden State has led by at least 20 points at the half. And, like I wrote before, we're not even to the All-Star break. 
  • OKC just hit their first three-pointer of the game. They are now 1-13 from behind the arc. 
  • It's getting near the end of the 3rd quarter, OKC seems like they've been on fire, and they're still down 16 points. 
  • NBA altercations would be a lot cooler if they weren't followed by 15 minutes of the refs staring at the monitors, figuring out to whom they should assess technicals. If no punches are thrown, can't we just let it go?
  • Golden State scored 43 points in the 2nd quarter. Halfway through the 4th quarter, they've scored 8. (But they're still up by 15.)
  • Westbrook finished with 47 points but tied his career high in turnovers with 11. 
  • Golden State is now 46-8. Judged against their historic 2016 season (well, historic regular season), it's not as good. But it's still the seventh-best start in NBA history. 

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