Monday, March 20, 2017

Meatball Ravioli

THE GAME: Warriors vs Thunder

It's National Ravioli Day. I did not know there was such a thing until this morning, but that matters little. I love ravioli. It's pretty much the only pasta I love. The idea of making a ravioli dinner on the first day of spring while watching Oklahoma City vs. Golden State sounded quite nice.

  • Claro's is a mini-chain of Italian markets in Southern California, dating back to 1948. I swung by to pick up a bag of their meatball ravioli. The woman behind the register said "Today is actually National Ravioli Day." I said "Yes, that's why I'm buying these." She didn't believe me. I'm not sure why she thought I would lie about something like that, but, whatever, she was a pleasant woman.
  • I boiled the ravioli for a few minutes and added a five cheese marinara sauce, fresh parmesan, and chives. 
  • I also baked a loaf of Claro's garlic cheese bread. 
  • And made an extremely garlicky Caesar salad. 

  • I realize we are in the age of the 24/7 news cycle and that ratings are far more important than intelligence or accuracy. But I don't remember a more stupid sports story line than the whole "The Warriors are done!" hot takes of early March. Yes, they lost three games in a row. But are we just supposed to ignore the fact that Kevin Durant is injured and out for several weeks? KD is 28 years old and has won four scoring titles. Do you know how many players have won more in their entire careers? Two: Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. The Warriors are going to be just fine. 
  • How many shots will Westbrook take tonight? It's gotta be at least 30, right? 
  • Steph Curry with a fast break dunk. I don't remember ever seeing him dunk before. [Note: 5 minutes later, ESPN Stats informs us that it's his first dunk of the season.]
  • Announcer: "When Russell Westbrook goes out of the game, sometimes OKC struggles to score." Dynamite analysis. 
  • The Warriors built a ten-point lead; I stepped outside to take a phone call. I was outside maybe three minutes, and I return to a 19-point lead. 
  • A shoving match broke out - I've literally seen more aggressive conflicts during junior high girls games - and four technicals were assessed. 
  • Baron Davis is on the halftime show and he's wearing pants that are 18 inches too short. Here, see for yourself: 
  • Fun fact: Baron Davis is the only guy to ever dunk on me during a regulation game. It was during my ten-day contract with the Nuggets. 
  • Just kidding. It was in high school. 
  • Westbrook is 4-15, the Thunder are down 23 points... and the fans are chanting "MVP" every time he touches the ball. Not the best look for them. 
  • Golden State wins by 16. Westbrook's +/- is -25. (I was wrong about him, though: he only took 16 shots.)
  • The Warriors have now won 4 in a row and Durant is participating in shootarounds. Reports of their implosion have been greatly exaggerated. 

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