Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sour Cream Chicken Nachos

THE GAME: UCLA vs Cincinnati 

One of my best friends lived in Dallas for several years, where her local bar served a dish called "sour cream chicken nachos," which she described to me as not only being the best nachos she has ever had, but the best bar food, period.

I'd never heard of such a dish, but I like chicken, I like sour cream, and I like nachos. It was worth investigating.

The bar's website looks like something out of the late-90s. It was no help. But I did find a couple of similar recipes online, so I set about making my own version.

  • I roasted a chicken breast in the oven for 35 minutes. It came marinated from my local butcher, the dominant flavors being citrus and pepper. After cooking, I shredded it. 
  • After the poultry cooled down, I mixed it with salsa verde, sour cream, lime juice, and cumin. 
  • I don't mind a giant pile of tortilla chips when the only topping is cheese, but when it's something into which I've put a lot of effort, I like using individual chips. I used round tortilla chips and placed a scoop of the chicken mixture onto each. 
  • I sliced off several thick pieces of Tillamook Monterey Jack and layered them on top of each chip, before placing everything under the broiler for three minutes. 
  • Finally, a pickled jalapeno on top of each. 
  • They were delicious, no doubt, though my friend maintains that the ones she used to eat at the bar were better. Oh well. Can't win 'em all.
  • I washed it down with an El Sully lager from 21st Amendment. 

  • How much basketball did I watch today? At one point my DirecTV receiver went into "Power Save Mode" because the channel hadn't been changed from CBS for eight hours. 
  • Commerical note: Every year there is one commercial (or series of commercials) during March Madness that makes me want to punch something. This year it's the AT&T Plus commercials with Greg Gumbel and the vaguely-inbred-looking guy who sings karaoke. 
  • I didn't watch the first 6 minutes of the game because I was watching the end of USC-Baylor. Someone needs to say it: Reggie Miller is more annoying than Bill Walton. It's funny that UCLA has produced the best college basketball announcer I have ever heard (Don MacLean) and also the two worst. 
  • Cincinnati went on a 12-0 run as soon as I turned on the game. 
  • UCLA has started out shooting 5-17. This could well be the game where their offense cannot overcome their lack of defense.
  • At halftime, T.J. Leaf and Bryce Alford are a combined 1-10. Lonzo Ball has zero assists. UCLA has only 30 points, their lowest first half total of the entire season. They are lucky to only be down 3. I'm guessing they won't play as poorly in the second half. 
  • UCLA has picked up the pace to start the second half, but their defense is still mediocre. 
  • But then they hit 3 three-pointers in a row to push their lead up to 8. 
  • UCLA wins by 12 after shooting more than 60% in the second half. 
  • Lonzo Ball: 18 points, 9 assists (all in the second half), 7 rebounds. 
  • UCLA vs. Kentucky on Friday. That is going to be fun.

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