Sunday, May 14, 2017

Meatloaf Sandwich

THE GAME: Warriors vs Spurs

Okay, now we're talking. 11 of the first 12 playoff series were boring. (And I expect the Eastern Conference Finals to be boring, no matter who the Cavs play.)

While I expect the Warriors to beat the Spurs in the WCF, anyone who writes off the Spurs as having no chance has not watched Popovich's teams over the last decade.

Plus, what else am I gonna watch today? The Angels are throwing Alex Meyer out there; the Tigers are countering with Justin Verlander. That probably won't end well. Sunday Night Baseball tonight is guaranteed to be a Derek Jeter slobberfest, so that's out. I only watch NHL games when they go to overtime, and even then I don't know enough to make any comments on the game.

So NBA basketball it is.

  • I've mentioned - including just two days ago - that my local butcher makes the best non-homemade meatballs I have ever had. They also make the best meatloaf I have ever had, no qualifiers. 
  • E. Waldo Ward is a San Gabriel Valley family-owned company that has been making jams, jellies, and condiments for a century. (I mentioned their chili sauce back in February when I made my own version of a Big Boy.) They use nothing but natural ingredients and make their items by hand in the same manner that they've been doing since the beginning. Needless to say, their stuff is great, including their barbecue sauce. 
  • I baked the meatloaf in a meatloaf pan for 45 minutes, then slathered barbecue sauce all over it and allowed it to cook for another 35. 
  • I removed it from the pan, let it rest for 15 minutes, and then carved off a slice. 
  • I put the slice on a telera roll, covered it with more barbecue sauce, added several Bubbies pickles, and squirted garlic aioli onto the top half of the bun. 
  • Along with some onion rings on the side. It was an awesome lunch. 

  • Golden State is the top offensive team in the NBA; San Antonio is the top defensive team. This is actually only the fourth time that has happened in the last 30 years. (The best offense has won twice, the best defense once.)
  • Pau Gasol blocks Draymond Green in the opening minutes and then converts a three-point play on the other end. I really miss him. He was my favorite Laker since Magic's retirement. Anyone who watched the 2010 NBA Finals knows who the real MVP of that series was. (Hint: it wasn't the guy who went 6-24 in Game 7). It was disgraceful - though not surprising - how little respect the Lakers gave him, constantly involving him in trade rumors. I want to see Golden State play Cleveland in the Finals, but I would love it if Gasol could get another shot at a ring. 
  • I switched over to the Angels game to watch Trout bat in the first inning. He crushed a home run off Verlander. The Angels really do not deserve Mike Trout. 
  • Golden State has six turnovers in the first quarter, Curry just threw up an awful airball, and the Spurs lead 30-16 at the half. Still, it's not entirely unexpected that Golden State looks rusty; it seems like they haven't played a game since mid-April. 
  • Lamarcus Aldridge had 11 points in the quarter. The Warriors might want to find an answer for him. 
  • 15 minutes into the game and the Warriors have yet to make a three. No wonder they're getting their asses kicked. Live by the three, die by the three. 44-19 San Antonio. 
  • A TWENTY-FIVE FUCKING POINT LEAD in the second quarter. I actually used the Google calculator just to make sure. 
  • Mark Jackson just informed us that this (now 19-minute) stretch without a three-pointer is the longest stretch of the season for the Warriors. I had a hunch. 
  • As soon as I type that, Curry scores 5 points in 6 seconds, including a three-pointer. The Spurs lead is still 14, but as long as GSW can chip away a little more before they half, they should feel just fine about themselves. They won't play this badly in the second half. 
  • I switched back to watch Trout's second at-bat. Verlander hit him. Not surprising. To be honest, I don't know why anyone ever pitches to Trout at this point. He's almost literally the only guy who can hurt you. Take a look at this joke of a lineup the Angels are running out there today and see how hard it is to guess which one of the 9 isn't crap: 
  • Okay, back to basketball. Danny Green drills a three-pointer at the buzzer and the Spurs lead is back up to 20. Any one of them can get hot, but that's still a big hole to be in against the best defense in the NBA. 
  • Off-topic, but who cares, it's halftime - my cable box autotuned to Simply Ming, something I'd set several days ago when I noticed he was making a crusted halibut with chorizo spread. Remember the days before program guides and autotuning? Not long ago, I was explaining to my teenage cousin that when I was her age, a thin paper guide arrived in the LA Times every Sunday with television listings for the week. He reaction was half-stunned, half-repulsed: "You mean, you had to actually remember when shows were coming on?" 
  • Golden State opened the half by cutting into the lead by 5 points, and then Aldridge drained a three as the shot clock expired. Maybe this is just one of those days for San Antonio. 
  • Or maybe not - Steph hit a three and Kawhi turned his ankle by stepping on his own teammate on the next possession. 
  • Draymond picked up a taunting technical. With his team down 20. That's Rasheed-Wallace-level ridiculous. 
  • Kawhi rolled his ankle again because Zaza Pachulia stuck his foot under Kawhi when he landed. Dirty? Yes. But the Spurs have been doing shit like that to other teams for years. Payback is a bitch. 
  • Commercial Note: Which song do you prefer from that commercial break, Simon & Garfunkel's "America" for VW cor Elton John's "Rocket Man" for Samsung? 
  • Golden State scores 18 unanswered. Five-point game now.
  • Going to the 4th quarter, Spurs up 9, but Kawhi isn't coming back. 
  • Four minutes into the quarter, the lead is still 9, Klay looks like crap on offense... and Steph is on the bench. Bizarre. 
  • Shaun Livingston with a sweet dunk and a touch shot to pull the Warriors within one. I'm glad to see that. His injury in 2007 was probably the most gruesome I've ever seen on live TV. 
  • Down 3 with two minutes left, Curry missed a three, got the rebound, Durant missed a three, got the rebound, Curry finally made a three. San Antonio probably shouldn't be giving them three tries at it. 
  • Warriors by 5 with 30 seconds left but Trout is coming up again, so I'm gonna watch that without hesitation. The dude has reached base in 8 straight plate appearances, which include two home runs. (He ended up hitting a sacrifice fly.) 
  • I made it back in time to see the final 9 seconds of the NBA game. Warriors win by 2. 
  • On one hand, they showed a lot coming back from a 25-point deficit and shaking off the rust from their time off. 
  • On the other hand, should they have been down 25 to begin with? And do they make up that big of a deficit without Kawhi being injured? 

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