Friday, May 12, 2017

Nasi Goreng with Meatballs

THE GAME: Celtics vs Wizards

Isaiah Thomas when the refs allow him to carry, travel, and bail him out with foul calls: "Not one man can guard me."

Isaiah Thomas when he isn't allowed to carry, travel, and the refs don't bail him out: "I can't be allowed to be held and grabbed."

He gloats when he wins, he whines about the refs when he loses, and he feels entitled.

In other words, he is a perfect fit for the Boston Celtics.

  • I haven't had any nasi goreng - Malaysian fried rice - in many years. I was at a Chinese supermarket the other day when I noticed this jar of nasi goreng paste. I sent a photo of it to a Malaysian friend of mine. "Yes!" she wrote back. 
  • My initial idea was to make it with chicken and prawns. But when the day came - meaning, I guess, today - I had a craving for meatballs. I've written before that my local butcher makes their own blend of beef & pork meatballs that are the best I have ever had that aren't homemade. 
  • I cooked the meatballs in my wok until they were about halfway done, then dumped in the jar of paste - although it's much more of a sauce than what I think of as "paste" - and let them simmer for 30 minutes. 
  • I then added a three-day-old container of white rice I had received with my entree at a fast-food Chinese chain the other day. I went there because I had a BOGO coupon that expired the next day; it was one of the ten worst Chinese meals of my life. (And one of the three worst if we exclude all the godawful Chinese meals I ate in New York a few years ago.)
  • In a smaller pan I scrambled three eggs, then added them to the meatballs and rice when the latter two were heated through.
  • I also added diced scallions, orange pepper, and beni shoga (Japanese pickled ginger). 
  • It was the best fried rice I have ever had. I cannot think of any that was remotely as good as this.

  • The home team is 0-10 so far in elimination games this season, which is a mind-blowing stat. (Or, maybe not: remember, as I just wrote yesterday, so far these playoffs have been absolutely awful.) However, the home team has won every game so far in this series. So, obviously, one of those streaks is going to end tonight. 
  • The Celtics showed up to the game dressed head to toe in black. That's a cool move if you can back it up; pathetic if you can't.
  • Aside from a sweet Bradley Beal reverse layup, that was one boring first quarter. Both teams missed some easy shots. The Wizards lead by 5, which means nothing at this point. 
  • The second quarter was more of the same, and the teams basically reversed positions. Boston by 1 at the half. 
  • John Wall looks awful. I mean, like James-Harden-last-night awful. He's forcing shots and missing almost all of them. The Wizards won't be winning tonight if he doesn't get his head on straight. 
  • Well, he started the 3rd quarter by scoring 7 points in a very short period. 
  • Kelly Olynyk literally jumped into the defender with his shoulder, an obvious offensive foul, and then threw his arms up perplexed when the foul was called. There may be some players in the league who get the benefit of the doubt, Kelly, but you ain't one of them. 
  • 10 minutes left in the game and I checked the box score for the first time: the Wizards are 2-20 from three. I knew it was bad; I didn't realize it was that bad. 
  • IT just got away with a carry - nothing new there, he does it almost every time he touches the ball - but then he immediately traveled. Neither were called. 
  • I switched over to the Angels game at the commercial break to watch Mike Trout bat. Can someone come up with an app that causes his at-bats to pop up on a picture-in-picture screen no matter what I'm watching? It seems like this is something we should be able to do. 
  • The Wizards just allowed IT to get two open looks in a row with less than two minutes to go. He made them both. Washington deserves to lose if for no other reason than that. 
  • Beal makes his first three of the game with 70 seconds left. Better late than never, I guess.
  • Tie game with 42 seconds left. At least this one has been entertaining, unlike... well, all the rest of them. 
  • The Wizards are down 2 with the ball and 7.7 seconds left. The announcer feels compelled to say "This is big right now." Dynamite analysis there, fella. 
  • Wall hits a three. On the other end, IT misses a three. Game 7 on Monday. 
  • Washington ended the game shooting only 20.8% from three. Wall and Morris did not have good games. And they still won. 
  • That being said, I would be shocked if they win a Game 7 at Boston. 

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