Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sweet & Spicy Fried Shrimp Tacos

THE GAME: Warriors vs Cavs (Game 2)

I don't think I'm delivering any earth-shattering news when I say that we live in a world where the core tenet of the media is ratings, not information nor intelligence. Controversial and outrageous statements are measured not in their accuracy but rather their impact. If this is true of (what used to be considered) serious media, one can only imagine the orgy of moronic opinions dominating the sports media landscape after Game 1.

"Kevin Durant is now better than LeBron!"

"This series is over."

"Are the Warriors the greatest team of all time?"

Let's take a deep breath for a moment. All that happened Thursday night was that the home team won Game 1. That's what home teams are supposed to do.

(And, to point out the obvious: Golden State won Game 1 at home last year as well. And Game 2, for that matter. How'd that work out for them?)

I'm not saying I think Cleveland will win this year. I thought Golden State would win when the playoffs started in April. I thought they would win before Game 1. I think they will win now.

What I am saying is that anyone who considers the series over because Golden State won Game 1 at home has a very short memory. No series truly gets interesting until the home team loses a game.

(And we all know what will happen if the Cavs steal tonight's game: the screaming heads will declare "Golden State is in trouble!" or "Are we seeing a repeat of last year?")

  • Frozen breaded shrimp are almost always disappointing. Inevitably they end up overcooked and tasteless. Or soggy and... well, tasteless. The "Whole Catch" label from Whole Foods are a spectacular exception. I wrote about them when I made po' boys for Mardi Gras - they are the only frozen shrimp I would call great. They fry up in about three minutes. 

  • Girard's Chinese Chicken Salad dressing is probably the best I've had out of a bottle. I tossed some shredded cabbage with a little of the dressing to serve as a base in the tacos. 

  • The sauce is a simple creation: mayonnaise, sweet chili sauce, and a couple of drops of Texas Champagne. I stirred the fried shrimp in a bowl of the sauce until they were all coated, then dropped them into the tacos.
  • Someone emailed me and asked if I always use lower-fat mayo. The answer is no. If the mayo is a main component of something, like chicken salad or a dip, I use the Best Foods mayonnaise made with olive oil. It tastes better because, you know, fat tastes good. But if I'm just spreading it on a burger or sandwich, or making a sauce like this with multiple ingredients, I use the lower-fat version. 

  • I saw this bottle of sauce for sale in Vons the other day. I think it claims to be a sauce for tacos but I'm not gonna lie to you - I didn't read the label; the name "Creamy Street Sauce" had me hooked. I drizzled it over the tacos right before eating them. 
  • It's possible that at some point in my life I have had better seafood tacos, but I really can't remember when. 


  • I wish they played this game earlier in the afternoon; I'm enjoying watching Cubs and Cardinals at Fenway. Oh well. There is plenty of Sunday Night Baseball left. These Finals might not even last until next weekend. (I mean, I think they will, but there's no guarantee.)
  • On one hand, Steve Kerr is back on the bench for the Warriors. On the other hand, the Cavs are wearing their black jerseys for this game. So... well, I have no idea. But ESPN is making a big deal out of both of those things. 
  • Cleveland came out looking much better than they did at any point in Game 1... and after seven minutes, they're still losing by 7. 
  • Make that 10. Durant blocked a shot on defense, then went down and made a 3 on offense. He really is something to watch. 
  • LeBron long ago eclipsed Kobe in terms of greatness; now he's rapidly approaching Kobe in terms of bitching to the refs when he thinks he's been fouled. (Which happens to coincide with every single time he misses a layup.)
  • Steph Curry just got fouled on a three-pointer for the second time this game, and for the second time he made all three shots. 
  • "James thought he got fouled!" yells Mike Breen. Yes, Mike, we've been over this: he thinks that every time he misses a layup. 
  • Well, despite Cleveland looking better, they still gave up 40 to Golden State in the first quarter. (When the Warriors score at least 35 points in the first quarter this season, they are 22-0.)
  • Commercial Note: I don't really go to the movies much anymore; how many "Planet of the Apes"-type movies have been made in the last ten years? And in this new one, is Woody Harrelson a human or one of the apes? It's getting hard to tell. 
  • Van Gundy just called out LeBron for standing around crying to the refs instead of getting back on defense. 
  • Two minutes left in the half and it's a one-point game. Cleveland is not going away. 
  • 67-64 GSW at halftime. LeBron with 10 assists already. 
  • One of the reasons it's so close - after only turning the ball over four times in Game 1, Golden State turned it over 13 times in the first half. (Maybe it's Kerr's fault!)
  • This game is deceiving me. It felt like Cleveland was making more plays to start the 3rd, then I look up after 5 minutes and Golden State has increased their lead to 8. 
  • LeBron gets a triple-double... with several minutes left in the third quarter. 
  • Golden State scores 35 in the third quarter and they're up 14 points... and it still doesn't feel like they're playing all that well.
  • Klay Thompson is now up to 22 points tonight. If he starts to get hot, then I agree this series will not last much longer.  
  • Jesus, KD. Another block on defense, drives down and scores a layup. And then hits a three-pointer on the next possession. That guy can smell it. 
  • LeBron heads to the bench with three and a half minutes left, which means they are throwing in the towel. 
  • Golden State wins 132-113. Steph had a triple-double but KD's line is amazing: 33 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists, and 5 blocks. And it looked easy for him. Even though I don't like that he left Oklahoma City for Oakland, it's hard not to understand why he did it. 
  • As I wrote, it's impossible to make a declaration about a series before a home team loses... but still, it's going to be very tough for Cleveland to come back. They now have to win four of the next five games. Yes, they did it last year, but now Golden State has Durant. For Cleveland, it's not dark yet, but it's getting there. 

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