Sunday, August 6, 2017

Spicy Crispy Cheddar Onion Burger

THE GAME: Dodgers vs Mets

You may have seen the story in the news today. Some of you - my friends who love the Dodgers - probably already know the fact: The Dodgers just finished a 50-game stretch with a 43-7 record, the best record over 50 games by any team since '12.


That is nothing short of astounding.

(How many people have you ever known who were alive in 1912? My grandfather is the only person I can think of... and he's been dead for 26 years.)

So yeah, I wrote about the Dodgers on Thursday, and I don't usually like to post about the same team twice in a row, but all we have is baseball right now, and, after all, this is Sunday Night Baseball. As I've written many times, there is no way I'd rather end my weekend.

(That's not entirely true; I'd much rather end my weekend fishing in the Sierra Nevadas, or eating lobster rolls in Maine, or getting drunk on Bourbon Street. But you know what I mean.)

  • I'm something of a cheese snob. I have tried hundreds of cheeses from all over the world. But when it comes to cheddar on a burger, Tillamook extra sharp is probably my favorite. I shredded several ounces and placed them in little piles on a piece of wax paper in a pan. 

  • A little less than 10 minutes in the oven and I removed the pan and let the cheese cool into crisps. I placed a cheese crisp both under and over the patty. 
  • I used a fresh brioche bun from a local bakery and the usual ground beef from my local butcher. 

  • I love making my own crispy onions, soaking them in buttermilk, dredging them in flour and frying them up. And if I'm eating them as a side dish, that's the only way I'll do it. But when I'm using crispy onions as a small part of a recipe, I'm okay with using these out of a bag, 

  • Dave's Gourmet Korean Food sets up a stand at several farmers markets throughout the Southland. Their products are phenomenal. I have never tried anything from Dave's that I did not like. Their marinated jalapeƱos are a great addition to anything that can use a little zip. 

  • I bought a four-pack of miniature Heinz barbecue sauces at the store. The Kentucky Bourbon version is good, not great, and sounded like it would complement this burger well. 
  • It was a delicious burger, no doubt, but it's not going to make my top ten list for the year - not even my top ten list of burgers. 

  • We're not even three minutes into the broadcast and ESPN is talking about how the Mets rotation has been "devastated" by injuries. Classic ESPN. Yes, they are missing some starting pitchers, but so are a lot of teams. The Mariners are missing their top three pitchers - including King Felix. The Angels have been without their top five starters for pretty much the whole season, and I haven't heard ESPN mention that fact once. (Any story ESPN does on the Angels invariably asks "Are the Angels wasting Mike Trout?") It's almost like ESPN only pays attention to teams in the Northeast. Has anyone ever mentioned this before?
  • I went to both Citi Field and Yankee Stadium when I lived in NYC. No question I preferred Citi Field. And the food was much better - Citi had Shake Shack and Blue Smoke. 
  • The Mets thought they were out of the 1st inning but the call was reversed and, of course, the Dodgers then put up 3 runs. Instead of a 0-0 game, it's now 3-0 Dodgers. 170
    I never thought I would see a team have more things break their way than the 2001 Mariners. But... we're pretty much there with this Dodgers team. 
  • Last year the Cubs won their 100th game on September 26th. Is this Dodgers team going to win #100 in August? That can't possibly happen... can it?
  • Yasiel Puig has 21 homers and he's batting eighth in this lineup. There's a few teams that don't have anyone with 21 home runs on their entire roster.
  • Turner homers to right to score Seager as well. What must it be like to have a player as good as Turner batting behind a player as good as Seager? Angels fans will never know - we have to watch Scioscia automatically write Pujols's (-1.2 WAR) name behind Trout's every single game. 
  • It seems like Mets fans are cheering when they get through the defensive half of the inning without giving up any runs. Small victories.  
  • Commercial Note: They're making a Get Shorty TV show? And I find this out on the same day I learn they're making a Karate Kid TV series? It's official: there are no more new ideas. If they're taking suggestions, can we get a Charles in Charge reboot? Or how about Big Trouble in Little China as a series?
  • Bellinger hits his 32nd home run of the season, three behind the Dodgers rookie record: Mike Piazza in 1993. 
  • Dan Shulman asks "Who's the biggest threat to the Dodgers" and Aaron Boone replies "I think... other high-end teams." Dynamite analysis, Aaron. I too think the biggest threat to the Dodgers is another baseball team that can play well.
  • (On a serious note, I think it's the Nationals. They were my pick for the World Series last year, and I think they would have been there if Strasburg and Ramos hadn't gotten hurt. They have two front-of-the-rotation starters who can go head-to-head with Kershaw and Darvish, and Murphy/Harper/Rendon/Zimmerman is a Murderers Row right now.)
  • Dodgers win 8-0. The Mets only scratch out 1 hit. 
  • I'll buy you a beer if you can predict the next game the Dodgers lose. 

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  1. I want to try making those cheese crisps with my daughter. That might be fun. I need to see Big Trouble in Little China again! I hope the Dodgers are still doing well...