Saturday, September 16, 2017


THE GAME: Clemson vs Louisville 

It was overcast all morning, with sunny skies and pleasant temperatures in the afternoon - a nice break from what has been a very warm summer. It's not exactly autumn - it doesn't really feel like autumn here until the last week of October or so - but if you squinted your eyes just so, it wasn't too hard to pretend. 

So I decided to make one of my favorite autumn football eats: bratwurst. 

Part of me wants to watch USC vs. Texas just out of nostalgia for that epic Rose Bowl game almost 12 years ago... but I really don't think it will be much of a game. (I've hooked up my desktop monitor to the Roku, and I'll be streaming that game without volume, but I'm expecting USC's offense to absolutely steamroll the Longhorns.) 

Clemson and Louisville on the other hand? The defending National Champions on the road against the reigning Heisman Trophy winner? I can't pass that up. 

  • I picked up a few bratwursts at the butcher, and grilled them in the cast iron pan, with about half a bottle of beer to steam them as well.
  • When finished - it took about 15 minutes - I cut them up into thick pieces. 

  • The wine country of the Central Coast, the Columbia River Gorge, and the French Quarter are my three favorite places in America. But not too much further down the list would be the 50%-off shelves at Cost Plus World Market. That's where I found this bottle of sauce a couple of weeks ago. Currywurst sounded much better than just bratwurst on a bun. 
  • I poured a little less than a cup of the sauce into a small pan, threw in a few hunks of brats, and heated it until it was all warmed through. 
  • Then I sprinkled some curry powder over the whole thing and dug in. I absolutely loved these. I can't wait to make them again (I still have more than half the bottle left) when it actually feels like autumn. 

  • I got up at dawn and watched all of College GameDay. Did anyone else catch (64-year-old) Rick Pitino wearing a skintight Lamar Jackson jersey? That was... interesting. 
  • Damn, the other TV is showing Vince Young and Matt Leinart sitting at a table in the shadow of the Rose Bowl talking about the 2006 game. I have to remember to go back and watch that segment. 
  • Speaking of SC, the Coliseum looks packed with people having a great time and getting ready to watch an entertaining football team. Basically the opposite in every way of what it will look like for the Rams game tomorrow. 
  • Only four minutes into the game, Clemson goes for it on 4th-and-1 instead of taking the easy field goal. God I love it when teams play aggressive and coaches show faith in their players. No wonder Dabo Swinney's players love playing for him. 
  • Clemson's Tanner Muse is ejected for targeting on what appeared to be a gentle head-butt. Am I the only person who feels like targeting penalties are getting absurd?
  • Either way, the call stands and after the penalty yards are marked off, Louisville scores a touchdown on the next play.
  • I've now put the Rangers-Angels on my laptop, so I'm watching three games at once. It's like having one of those $60k video walls (only slightly less expensive).
  • Clemson's wide receiver got more wide open than I've seen a receiver in years. 79-yard touchdown. 16-7 Clemson. 
  • Another field goal for Clemson and it's a 12 point lead. Meanwhile... USC and Texas are tied with 4 minutes left in the first half and Parker Bridwell is perfect through 4 innings for the Angels. Now, I don't expect either of those two latter things to last a whole lot longer, but they're sure as hell more entertaining than Clemson methodically taking apart Louisville.  
  • (Bridwell gave up a double in the 5th and USC and Texas combined for three touchdowns in the final 2 minutes and 40 seconds of the half.)
  • A few minutes into the 3rd quarter and Lamar Jackson threw a pick-six. 26-7 Clemson. This game has lost its spot on the main screen. It feels over. 
  • 33-7. 
  • Meanwhile it's 14-10 USC and 1-0 Angels. I chose to focus on the wrong game tonight. My bad. 
EDIT 9:31 PM: USC and Texas are going to a second overtime. Yeah, I chose poorly tonight.

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