Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tri-Tip Sandwich

THE GAME: Packers vs Falcons

I was all set to watch and write about the Dodgers vs. Nationals on Sunday Night Baseball. As I have written, that's probably my favorite show of all time; there is nothing better than an ending the weekend by relaxing with some afternoon/evening baseball. And those two teams have long been my pick for the NLCS - the Nationals were my World Series pick last year; the Dodgers this year - so it was a no-brainer.

But two things changed my mind. First, Kershaw is pitching against the Phillies tomorrow. Kershaw is one of the great pitchers of all time and the Phillies are one of the two worst teams in baseball this season. That sounds like a more fun game to blog.

Secondly, more importantly, yesterday was the worst decision I have ever made in more than a year of this blog. I thought Louisville was going to give Clemson a good game and I thought USC would manhandle Texas. The former was no contest; the latter was one of the most exciting games I have seen in years.

My instincts failed me. So I'm not trusting them tonight. It's NFL instead.

  • Tri-tip is a triangular cut of muscle from the bottom sirloin of a cow. There is not much fat to it, hence not a lot of flavor, so for a long time it was a relatively worthless cut of cattle. Then someone figured out that if you cover it with spices and cook it to medium-rare over oak, it yields a delicious steak. 
  • My technique - which I employed on Saturday for some friends - is too grill it indirectly with a mix of garlic powder, onion powder, rosemary, salt, pepper, and red wine. The corners will be medium, the rest of the meat getting progressively rarer as you move towards the center of the cut.
  • There was plenty left over, so this evening I carved it up and bought a fresh roll at the market. 

  • I steamed the meat for five minutes to warm it up. Under no circumstances would I reheat this in the microwave - more than any other cut of meat, tri-tip becomes rubber when you reheat it that way. 
  • I then placed two slices of Muenster cheese on top of the meat and threw it under the broiler for three minutes. 

  • Gates BBQ's original sauce is probably my favorite tomato-based barbecue sauce in America. (Some days it's Rudy's "sause," from Texas - but it's ALWAYS one of those two sauces.) 

  • A local supermarket labels this "Chinese" cole slaw. I have no idea why, other than I guess because it's got some crunchy noodles in it. Whatever, it's still delicious. The sweetness of the slaw is a nice contrast to the peppery barbecue sauce. 
  • As often happens with leftovers, this sandwich was much better than the meat had been on Saturday. 

  • I was in high school the last time Los Angeles had two NFL teams. I had totally forgotten how much it sucks to have to watch the local teams on TV when there are better - or at least more interesting - games. Now I remember. Instead of getting to watch the Cowboys at Broncos today, I was shown the Rams and Redskins. 
  • Local commercials - especially on radio - tried to convince us over the last week that the Rams are good this year because they beat up on the (literally Luck-less) Colts last weekend. To the surprise of no one, they lost at home to the Redskins today. 
  • I've been to Georgia five times, but never Atlanta. It's the 38th-largest city in America. The only larger cities to which I have not been are Detroit and the Texas trio of Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Austin. Just thought I'd share that with you. 
  • Al Michaels informs us that this is Mike McCarthy's 12th season with Green Bay. It's funny how fast time goes by as you get older. It seems like McCarthy was just hired maybe 5 years ago. Back when I was a teenager, Mike Holmgren was the head coach for only 7 seasons, but in my memory it feels like he was there 20 years. 
  • It's tied at 7 after one quarter. Neither team looking all that great, but Green Bay looks flat-out bored.
  • 24-7 Atlanta at the half. Aaron Rodgers is 10/18 with 1 interception. That's pretty awful. Did I choose the wrong game for the second night in a row?
  • Atlanta has this game won, right? I'm trying to remember if they've ever blown a big lead before.
  • Commercial Note: Man, Wienerschnitzel is really pushing their "gourmet sausages." I was thinking of hosting an Oktoberfest BBQ in a couple of weeks - to watch college football and MLB playoffs - with some of those bratwurst I wrote about yesterday. But maybe I'll just get Wienerschnitzel catering. 
  • Rogers opens the second half with a fumble - more precisely a perfect lateral that hit the ground - and Atlanta recovers and takes it in for a score. 31-7. 
  • BTW, there is a Chick-fil-A in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, but like all Chick-fil-As, it's closed on Sundays. Which means it will be open for exactly one Falcons game this year - a Thursday night game in December. 
  • Chick-fil-A's honey mustard is my favorite fast food honey mustard. That doesn't have anything to do with this game, but there really isn't much else to say. The Packers are getting their asses kicked. 
  • Down by 24, Green Bay kicks a field goal on 4th and goal. That's the spirit, guys. Now you're only down 21. 
  • (The Nationals are beating the Dodgers 7-1 at the moment, so this isn't nearly as egregious as yesterday's decision.)
  • All of a sudden the Packers have scored two touchdowns and it's an 11-point game. I cannot tell you how much I would love to see Atlanta blow a 24-point lead here. (But I would be shocked if that happened. )
  • Yeah, Atlanta wins by 11. It really didn't even feel that close. 

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