Thursday, December 14, 2017

Turkey Pastrami Dip

THE GAME: Lakers vs Cavs

I get a kick out of everyone saying "The Lakers are auditioning for LeBron James tonight!"

I'm willing to bet a not-small amount of money that LeBron already knows where he's going to play next year, whether it's Los Angeles, Houston, or Cleveland.

This should be a good test for the Lakers. They've been playing well on this road trip... but they haven't played anyone as good as Cleveland.

Last night, my friend Greg asked me if I'd had any new food adventures lately. I realized I hadn't made anything for this blog in several weeks - I've had a lot going on in my life - and it was time for a new recipe.

  • A local business called Dave's Gourmet Korean Food makes phenomenal products; I buy things at a local farmers market at least once per month. The other days I picked up a package of shitake mushrooms, thinking I might use them for moo shu pork. 
  • Instead, I sauteed them in butter until they were super soft. 

  • Then I simmered them in beef broth for thirty minutes.

  • And strained the broth. This might well have been the best au jus I have ever tasted. 

  • I caramelized some sweet onion. 

  • Schreiner's Fine Sausages makes the best turkey pastrami I have ever had. I placed several slices into a soft roll. 

  • And then a handful of shredded Jarlsberg Swiss. 

  • I don't know if I can call this the best dip I have ever eaten (it probably isn't) but I am 100% sure it's the best dip I've ever made. 

  • It's 19º in Cleveland at the moment. It's gonna be 80º in my town tomorrow. 
  • Aggressive Ingram looks like he's shown up tonight. I love Aggressive Ingram. 
  • Regular Brook Lopez has shown up tonight. I do not love Regular Brook Lopez. 
  • In Kareem's entire 20-year career, he attempted 18 three-pointers. In Shaq's 19-year career, he attempted 22. In 26 games this season, Brook Lopez has attempted 107. Why the fuck does he even play?
  • Lakers build a 9-point lead in the 2nd quarter, all because of the way they pass the ball. Randle, Kuzma and Clarkson coming off the bench is a wonderful shot of adrenaline. 
  • LeBron just had a monstrous dunk that energized the whole crowd because - you'll never believe this - Brook Lopez didn't even try to contest the dunk. Just because your name is Brook, you don't have to play like a 5-year-old girl. 
  • One minute later, Brook airballs two free throw attempts in a row. I take back that comment about five-year-old girls. They are all better than Brook Lopez. 
  • Even Reggie Miller - maybe the weakest player physically to ever play the game - cannot stop talking about how weak Brook Lopez plays. This is like LaVar Ball calling another man a loudmouth. 
  • Brook Lopez just got blocked on a dunk... by the rim. Jesus Christ, somewhere even Kwame Brown is shaking his head in disgust.         
  • 63-60, Cavs lead at halftime.  If this Lakers team ever develops a defense, they will be even more fun to watch.        
  • Lonzo throws a full-court pass to Ingram for the layup. That was the kind of thing he did all the time at UCLA, it's good to see that court vision again. 
  • The Lakers just missed five (5!!!!) shots on one offensive possession. I don't think they're going to win this game. 
  • TNT with their own version of "Which One Doesn't Belong?":
  • Cedi Osman enters the game for Cleveland. If you're asking "Who?" don't feel bad. I asked the same thing. 
  • Reggie Miller: "In my opinion, LeBron James is the greatest small forward ever." What a hot take, Reggie. 
  • Woah, this is Kevin Love's 10th year in the league? Lord, time flies. 
  • In my opinion, Kevin Love is the greatest nephew of a Beach Boy to ever play in the NBA.
  • I've mentioned this before, but this Lakers team does not quit. They were down double-digits just a moment ago, but now they've cut Cleveland's lead to 5. They are a long ways away from being a contender - hell, they're probably not even a playoff team this year - but this attitude is something that they can build on. 
  • Cavs win by 9. 

"Don't worry, Lonzo, next year Brook Lopez won't be on your team and I will."

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  1. Nice. I liked Ingram, and I probably would have liked your dip. Sounds great!